PAINT IT NOW 2010 BOSTON / by Thomas Buildmore

paint-it-now-2010 ARTSCOPE 4/10

The immediacy of the show title reflects the medium of choice: Paint it Now at the Distillery Gallery in South Boston makes street art the focal point of its interior walls. Famously created quickly and anonymously on the sides of buildings with the aid of stencils and spray paint, street art has gone from vandalism to valid outsider art form to gallery-worthy over the past decade. Over twenty artists from the northeast were contacted to take part in this year's show, the second in what may became an annual tradition at the Distillery Gallery. Each invited artist helped fill the main space with a floor to ceiling, wall to wall, wrap-around corners mural painted in black and white: the ultimate exquisite corpse in the form of graffiti art. With allusions to pop culture and current issues, the completed work keeps with the spirit, as well as the methods, of the medium. The show comes down--or should I say gets painted over--on April 23rd.


Street art recently made the acquaintance of the conventional art world during the second ever “Paint it Now” at South Boston’s Distillery Gallery, where for the past two weeks, artists from NYC and Boston have been going to town on the gallery’s walls. During tonight’s opening reception (the installation will hang through April 29), you can check out the 22-artist collaboration as well as meet a host of folks much more talented than yourself. Distillery Gallery, 516 East Second St, Boston | 7-10 pm | Free |


PAINT IT NOW The Distillery Gallery and OverKill Studio present their second collaborative painting installation, a black-on-white mural made by more than 20 artists. The seamless piece buzzes with poppy imagery, and individual works have gritty appeal. Through April 23. The Distillery Gallery, 516 E. 2nd St., South Boston. 978-270-1904, PAINT IT NOW 2010