GREW UP A SKREW UP / by Thomas Buildmore

21 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Distillery Gallery Presents: "Grew Up a Screw Up" featuring works by: Greg Fournier, Morgan Harary, Mitchell Kehe, Isai Mencia, Sean Quinn, and Julian Wadsworth July 10 - August 16, 2009 Opening Reception: July 10, 7-10pm free and open to the public 516 E 2nd St., first floor contact: Scott Chasse, gallery director (978) 270-1904 /

The Distillery Gallery, in conjunction with Overkill Studio, presents "Grew Up a Screw Up," a lo-fi/hi-tech collision resulting in video, mixed media, appropriations, visual remixes, internet art, installation and more.

Curated by Overkill Studio's Thomas Buildmore (responsible for bringing the ever-successful "Paint it Now" exhibit back in August '08), the show will take advantage of the unconventional gallery space and celebrate non-dependence on the dwindling commercial gallery world. Themes of hyper stimulation, obsession, elitism, simulated depravity and hypocrisy are examined through the works of this group of mulit-faceted artists while the role of the critic is called into question. "This is going to be a show of work that I really like," says Buildmore, who is a visual artist himself with frequent exhibits in Boston, NYC, and Philadelphia.

Please join us on July 10 from 7-10pm for site/time-specific elements of this month-long show.

The Distillery Gallery is located on the first floor of The Distillery artist's building in South Boston. This unique public display space is committed to featuring Distillery based artists, Boston artists, and invited guests. For more information about the gallery and The Distillery, please visit