Construct Destruct, Chris Clark’s first solo exhibition with StupidEasy Gallery, debuts Saturday, September 24th .
Clark uses a mix of spray paint stenciling, screen printing, collage and painting to create environments that are rich in depth and texture. His work explores the relationship between the natural world and technology. It suggests a certain tension between the two elements, creating an energy that is both kinetic and foreboding. 

Organic and manufactured forms along with portions of text and images from blueprints & diagrams are fantastically layered to create environments that feel engineered and beautifully toxic. The objects could be anywhere, and the complex physically worked surfaces can become so dense that there is little room for anything else. His blending of organic forms with manufactured surfaces suggests technology run amok and a natural world in accelerated flux. His richly layered and obsessively detailed environments leave you with a feeling of being taken out of time as well as out of place.

Please join us from 7-10pm for the opening reception on Saturday, September 24th. The artist will be in attendance.

StupidEasy is located at 307 Market Street above Artist & Craftsman Supply.

Dates are as follows: Show: September 24th - October 22nd Private Opening for Press and Distinguished Guests: Saturday, September 24th. 7-10pm Public First Friday Opening: Friday, October 7th.  7-10pm

StupidEasy Gallery 307 Market Street Philadelphia, PA