Animal Mother reviewed by Boston Arts Underground / by Thomas Buildmore

"Photo of The Year"

Thomas Buildmore


Like a good speakeasy the Lot F Gallery is hidden in plain sight. The gallery space is a stone’s throw from South Station, but resides behind an unassuming façade and up four winding flights of stairs. The space is open and bright with little to distract from the art, which is currently mixed media pieces by Thomas Buildmore under the exhibition name Animal Mother.

I have long been weary of “street-art” gallery exhibitions for the obvious reason that galleries are not streets. The same reason that mayonnaise isn’t a dairy product; because chickens are not cows. Hear me out; the message remains the same: The thrill, the risk, the freedom of expression all feel restricted by those four canvas walls. However, I am relieved to find that Animal Mother is not canvas after canvas of nonsensical tags and throw ups for profit.

The art is largely acrylic and spray paint on wood with a few sculpture and found object attempts. Buildmore concentrates on the politics of pop-culture with an urban aesthetic. He picks up where Warhol left off; exercising a lot of repetition, bright colors and exposing popular public figures.

A collection of 64, 10×10 inch wooden squares in rows and columns of eight compose B Company. The panels are available for purchase at a very approachable $50 each. The aesthetic is pop and urban; bright colors, exaggerated ben-day dots, and a commercial-looking, stenciled subject.

If you want to see the difference between a chicken and a cow go to a farm, if you want to see street art go to the streets and if you want to see some thoughtful, pop-urban art in a unique, contemporary, speakeasy gallery go to Lot F.

- Text by Erin Morrissey