What can we say anymore about a DJ by Thomas Buildmore

I don't really know What makes a great DJ but I think it's Frank White. Here is a link to some of his creative work. Frank is a really great person and true master of his craft. To all my music people out there book this dude you really won't regret it.  http://www.djfrankwhite.com/


New from the lab by Thomas Buildmore

I've always had an interest in abstraction. Painters such as Ad Reinhardt, Philip Guston, and more recently Street artist MOMO have inspired me to further explore the possibility of making work with less of a narrative than say the pop art investigations of the past few years. I've found this to be challenging, fun, and exciting however the final result seems to be some sort of hybrid of old and new ideas.

Psycho Therapy 2016 36x36 on canvas

Psycho Therapy 2016 36x36 on canvas

Rejected 2016 36x36 on canvas 

Rejected 2016 36x36 on canvas 

Thank you!! Hyperallergic by Thomas Buildmore

Thomas Buildmore, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (site)

Photo by Dan King

This is Overkill Studio located in the heart of Old City Philadelphia. Overkill is a 2,700 square foot shared studio started in 2010 by me, a “painter,” and artist/photographer Dan King. The size of the space has functioned as a powerful tool for me to think big/go big. The space itself is bright, with a big front window and huge 16 ft. skylight in the middle.

I have had several studio spaces in the past and I think what makes this one really effective and efficient, simply put, is the “vibe.” I have felt extremely comfortable in here since day one, and looking back now I realize how much easier it is to work when you enjoy your surroundings.

OverKill Studio A Brief History by Thomas Buildmore

I started Overkill Studio in South Boston with my close Friends Artist/Sign Painter Kenji Nakayama www.kngee.com And Painter Morgan Thomas Shankweiler www.mrgnthomas.com Our space was on the second floor of an old Rum Distillery on 2nd street. Overkill was never a business plan it was more just a fun name for the actual physical space. Our time in the Distillery was one of the best times of my life and inherently fleeting. The time we all spent in the studio was super fun we had some awesome parties and made a lot of amazing friends with the other Artists in the building. Saying goodbye was tuff but I knew in my heart I needed to hit the road so I came here to Philadelphia. And Philly is some crazy shit. I really like it here it's edgy and kinda fucked up but beautiful and classy at the same time. So anyway I moved here and was broke and jobless for seven long months no more fun times in that awesome studio where I had the world by the balls nothing not a god damn thing.... Eventually I got a job it was at said job I happen to meet Photog prodigy Dan King www.dankingphotography.com one day Dan happen to mention he was thinking about getting a studio and that sounded good to me I didn't even really know Dan but I was like yeah fuck it here is someone who actually seems down to do this shit. We looked at a couple Spots and really were kinda bored by the standard "Artist Studio" I had seen a Space above the Artist and Craftsman supply a couple years before on visit  to see Rob Dingman and his wife Jamie. We went and checked it out and although rough it was really mind blowing. Our new mission became  being able to actually get the space and afford it. We wrote a proposal for our vision of the space to the landlord and somehow the pieces just fell into place. The landlord was super chill and really liked what we wanted to do. It happened really fast and the next thing we knew we were up and running. Myself and Dan had been talking names and Dan had mentioned how "Stupid Easy" it all came to be so we collectively agreed that Stupid Easy was a cool name. Over the Years we have grown, Our work has grown, and the vision of the space has grown. Time changes things pretty fast our memories serve as a constant reminder of what worked and what didn't when Myself and Dan sat down to talk about what the space has matured into and how we want to present ourselves we decided we wanted a name that represented "kicking Ass". We have decided to revisit, re envision, and rebrand Overkill Studio Dan has been hard at work on a new website set to launch in a few weeks and we are both excited to present Overkill Studio Philadelphia to the world. We are kicking things off on May 2nd with a eye popping display of fine art creations by Artists you know and love. Stay Tuned.     

Photo's by Dan King

Photo's by Dan King

Old City by Thomas Buildmore

My studio here in Philadelphia is located in Old City at first It didn't sink in how cool of a neighborhood it is and it catches a lot of hate from the "cooler" parts of the city but you know what Old City is what's up!! With a vibrant creative spirt cool shops and restaurants and historical shit all over the place I love it here and you should too. This is where my bus drops me off when I go in each day, it's the studio where they made the Constitution and I always get a feeling that I'm in good company. 

"SoHo Flower" by Thomas Buildmore

Thomas Buildmore
"SoHo Flowers"

At Gourmet Garage, SoHo
January through Spring 2014
On view 24/7 at the street level windows of Gourmet Garage SoHo
489 Broome St. NYC, 
Between Wooster and West Broadway

Woodward Gallery presents SoHo Flowers to celebrate the New Year at Gourmet Garage SoHo.

Artist Thomas Buildmore is a conceptual and graffiti artist who reconciles old masters paintings in his new body of works. He deconstructs the formal elements of Claude Monet’s still lives of flowers by remarkably maintaining the essence of the 19th century painting, yet all in spray paint! Thomas Buildmore delivers an excitingly current and fresh relevance in these compositions while expressing his own individualistic mythology.

"It’s a much more emotional body of work for me. It’s much more based in the action of the painting and a little bit less concept. Most of my art is conceptually based to a certain degree, along with this. But these, when I paint them, they’re about the feeling of making the paintings."
- Artist Thomas Buildmore, Nov. 2013