THOMAS BUILDMORE -Thomas Buildmore received his diploma from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2004. Since then, Buildmore has taken part in and/or curated many fine art installations in a variety of arenas, receiving acclaim from publications such as The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The New York Daily News, Time Out, And the Philadelphia Inquirer. In 2007 Buildmore established Overkill Studio in South Boston, Massachusetts. In 2009, Overkill Studio relocated to Philadelphia. Thomas Buildmore co-founded Overkill Studio Philadelphia with fellow Artist and Photographer Dan King. OverKill Studio in the heart of Old City features 2700 square feet of creative space.



2014 "Soho Flowers" Gourmet Garage New York NY

2013 "Zoetrope" Calico Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2013 "Falling Awake" Indy hall, Philadelphia PA 

2013 "Animal Mother" Lot F Gallery, Boston MA

2009 “Semiopticon,” Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA. Black on White painted installation dubbed “one of the most engaging, memorable shows this gallery has ever seen.” SOURCE: Philadelphia Inquirer


2013 "Pedigree" New Art Center of Newton, Newton MA

2013 "FlashBack Friday's Throwback Thursday's" Calico Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2013 "Below the Surface" Converge Gallery, Williamsport PA 

2013 "The Night is Dark" Parlor Gallery, Asbury park NJ

2013 "Detail" Woodward Galley, New York NY

2013 "Born Again" Calico Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2012 "Summer Selections" Woodward Gallery, New York NY

2012 "Paint it Now Philadelphia" Space 1026, Philadelphia PA

2012 "Misappropriation" Lot F Gallery, Boston MA

2011 "Space Savers Project", Philadelphia PA

2011 "Clandestine Therapy" Slingluff Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2011 "Heat Beat'n" Pandemic Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2011 "Paint it Now Brooklyn" Fowler arts collective, Brooklyn NY

2010 “Shock Therapy” Pandemic Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2010 “Grew Up and Blew Up” Salt Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2010 “Paint it Now II” The Distillery Gallery, Boston, MA

2010 “Gone Printin” Projects Gallery Philadelphia PA

2009 “Pandemic 37″ Pandemic Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2009 “Great Outdoors,” artBREAK Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2009 “Work to Do,” 112 Green Street (formerly 112 workshop), Manhattan, NY

2009 “Cut Copy” T&P Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA

2009 “Artageddon,” The Distillery Gallery, Boston, MA

2007-09 “The Wall at Central,” Central Square, Cambridge, MA

Participated in group painting festivities on three occasions.

Managed and Co-Curated by Overkill Studio Co-Founder Thomas Buildmore, the Wall at Central is an ongoing and

ever-changing project. The Phoenix included the “eclectic and impressive art installation combining posters, painting,

graffiti, stencils, and stickers” as a “Best Of” for Boston in 2008. SOURCE:

2009 “Fragments,” D.D.R. Project, Los Angeles, CA

2009 “Mom & Popism,” Gawker Media Headquarters, New York, NY

Participated with other prominent artists in a traveling exhibition originally installed on a rooftop in Manhattan. Reviewed in

Wallpaper* Magazine, the installation “highlights the changing face of New York City in a unique symbiosis of street art

and photography.”SOURCE:

2009 “Devastate your Real Estate,” Fourth Wall Project, Boston, MA

2008 “Paint it Now, ” The Distillery Gallery, Boston, MA

Co-curated and promoted, and painted installation for group show. Included were “individual works from affiliated

artists” and “two group walls painted in black and white, a visual communication between friends, blending styles into

a large-scale “diagram.”


2008 “Writer’s Strike,” Lott Gallery, Chelsea, NY




School of the Museum of Fine Arts

 (SMFA), Boston, MA